Andres C from Santiago, Chile
About Me
Hi I'm Andres from Chile, I'm a professional in tourism and I have experience working with people from other countries. The city of Santiago is one of the most popular tourist spot in chile, it has a lot of places of interest nearby, depending in of the activities you are looking for I can prepare a simply guided tour, also I can assist you for shopping, translate and interpret, show you the nightlife in santiago, even help you to take reservations for activities, if you need a friend in the city i'm the correct guy to help :) .
What I Can Offer You
I can show you a lot of places here in santiago depending in your needs, I offer a safe experience,, I can be a tour guide or an assistant for your holidays, I'm dynamic person who can helps in many ways.
there are some places in santiago that you must visit, I will show you the top places and typical ones.
Fun & Nightlife
what about a night out? if you want to see how is a night out in chile I can take to some places, or if you want just a quiet go out and have a drink or maybe just a dinner to enjoy life, i know the correct places for that.
Eating & Drinking
I love food, so this is my strongest point, I will take you to the best places to eat in santiago for you to taste the real chilean food, in case you want something more I know a lot of places of asian food (chinese, peruvian and thai food), What about drinking? yes, I also have great places to have nice night out to have drink,
Shopping & Souvenirs
I will take you to the most famous places for go shopping (malls, jewerly stores, food stores) and buy typical souvenirs (handicarft stores).