I’d love to show you the magic of Prague. The touristy parts of Prague are cool, but I specialize in showing people the (relatively) untouched parts of the city. I can show you the best views, take you on a historical walk around the old town, and explore things based on your interests. Whether you like architecture, medieval history, contemporary art, or a mix of everything, you will absolutely fall in love with this city.

Eating & Drinking

Some people eat to live, but I live to eat! Prague is absolutely loaded with restaurants, whether you're after a vegan meal, a plate piled high with meat, or anything else in between. Just pick the cuisine you'd like to try and I can show you to the best places. And if you're the type of person who likes to be surprised, then I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Whether it's brunch, coffee, or dinner, Prague has some gastronomic delights!

Shopping & Souvenirs

In all honesty, I'm not a big shopper. But I'm happy to point out the places in Prague where you can get the fanciest things for yourself, or souvenirs to take with you for your friends and family. The antique shops here are also loaded with tons of cool things!

Fun & Nightlife

For me, life is nothing without laughter and music. During the summer, the city is buzzing with outdoor activities for everyone. Some of the interesting things include bobsledding (!!!), paddle boarding, and paintball.

And after we catch the sunset from whichever magical location we choose in the city, we can head to the pub and get the evening started. Whether you want never-ending rounds of crisp, cold, Czech lager, craft beer, or world-class cocktails mixed to perfection, I know we'll find just the place for you!

If you do decide to book an evening adventure, I'd be happy to take you out to some of my favourite venues. These include (but are not limited to) jazz performances, live indie-pop music, oldies nights, and electronic music concerts. There's even a place that has one of the best sunrise (yes, sunrise) views in Prague :P


No matter how long your stay in Prague is, my main goal will be to make sure you want to stay longer and are not ready to leave! :P