Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, dare I say. It's where art meets punk meets hobo meets my dad meets fashion. Oh and the history of it, what a wonder. Wanna go to a cubist café? Or maybe stroll through the historic centre of the town or maybe just hang out in a park with a view (and a beer) ?

Eating & Drinking

I LOVE FOOD. If you also love food, let's have a love food triangle.. or some other shape.

Shopping & Souvenirs

Let's do local. There's so many places to go to shop for unique treasures - local sustainable fashion, artsy prints and graphic books.... Oh and if you want a dope tattoo and a haircut while sipping on some bourbon, I got you sorted.

Fun & Nightlife

SO MUCH TO DO. So little time. Enjoy the best of it, I'll show you how. No cheesy clubs (only if YOU require to). Secret spots.


...everything that needs to be kept secret.