I’d love to show you around the city. I’ll take you to all the sights worth seeing, plus some local favorites that you won’t find in a guidebook. I’ll tell you all about our culture and our way of life, so that you can get to know what it’s like to live here.

Eating & Drinking

I love going out to eat and taking my friends to my favorite restaurants. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, dessert, or late night snacks, I know all of the best places in town! Depending on what you’re in the mood for, we can go out for the best local delicacies, hang out at my neighborhood coffee shop, or hit all the best pubs in town.

Shopping & Souvenirs

I’ll take you to my favorite local shops, where you can pick up unique souvenirs for yourself or gifts for your friends and family. You’ll get the perfect local souvenirs to remember your trip.

Fun & Nightlife

There’s so much to do here! Whether you’re into hiking during the day or clubbing all night, this city has so much to offer. I’ll take you out for my favorite activities.

Airport Transportation: Pick-Up & Drop-Off

If you need a ride from the airport, I’ve got you covered. I’ll come pick you up in my car, and there’s plenty of room for your luggage too. I can drop you right off at your hotel, or we can go on a driving tour of the city.

Book My Car Too!

While you’re here, I can take you out in my car for day trips outside the city or sightseeing drives. I drive a 2016 Honda Accord, and there’s plenty of room for up to four people and two big suitcases.


Everybody can say they can show you around, but a day in my company will be something to remember!