We can do a whirlwind walk by of everything you need to see in Prague. Or we can slow it down and relax in some of Prague's lesser known areas. It's up to you, the weather and the vibe.

Eating & Drinking

I am plant based, so if that's up your alley, I have you sorted. I also am a beer fan in a city of beer, microbreweries, big pubs, beer gardens, beer on the go. I know where it is at.

Shopping & Souvenirs

I'm a minimalist, so I'm not taking you shopping :-) But if you insist on a souvenir it has to be KRTEK!

Fun & Nightlife

You want a real whirlwind tour? Let's run! You want to party and see some of the unique clubs can be done. You want to visit some unique bars/pubs. Definitely you're man for that.


What about a plant based food crawl combined with beers and the local liquor? I'm in, are you?