Since I moved here, whole my family and friends visited me. So to guide them I joined to city tours and read about Lisboa/ Portugal to have information to passing through them.. So I am ready to show around the city, and let you know about facts.

Eating & Drinking

Well, there are many restaurants and cafes I would like to suggest you or go with you. Especially breakfast, coffee, dessert or late night snacks I know a lot of place in town.

Shopping & Souvenirs

Eventhough I am not a big fan of shopping, when I am in Lisboa, that little shopping passion inside me comes out and gets me under control ! :( So we cna do this together if you want to have things which will remind you good times in Lisbon!

Fun & Nightlife

Please.. I do not even need to give an explanation to tell you how fun it will be to hang out together.


Honestly, if you are travelling to have - fun -, I will be the one who can help you.