I’d love to show you around the city. I can take you to the sights worth seeing, plus many hidden spots.
I can make a plan or give you plenty of ideas and let you make a plan.

Eating & Drinking

I love going out to eat and taking my friends to my favorite restaurants. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, dessert, or late night snacks, I know all of the best places in town! I am a foodie! Also, if you want a night in my wife and I are both pretty good cooks and we will be more than happy to prepare something Italian or Filipino!

Fun & Nightlife

There’s so much to do here! Whether you’re into biking or walking or clubbing all night, this city has so much to offer.

Airport Transportation: Pick-Up & Drop-Off

If you need a ride from the airport, please let me know and I can try to help out.

Book My Car Too!

While you’re here, I can take you out in my car for day trips outside the city or sightseeing drives. I drive a Toyota Camry and seats 4. I don't mind driving, but many times its easier to bike, walk, taxi or take the train.


Everybody can say they can show you around, but a day in my company will be something to remember!