New York offers sightseeing everywhere from historic landmarks to newly constructed architectural marvels. Before planning our adventure I'll find out about your interests and even suggest some videos. There is more to see than you may think and I like to make each friend explore the city according to their own individual interests.

Eating & Drinking

I love knowing about all the best restaurants and find unique spots that are authentic yet exquisite. It all depends on your taste buds and suggested budget, there’s simply too much to choose from. By finding out more about your personal taste, I’ll create a personal gourmet journey just for you.

Shopping & Souvenirs

New York has some of the best boutiques and flagships in the world, best to plan your shopping according to your budget. Since I work in fashion I know where to go to buy incredible designs and in some cases get exclusive discounts.

Fun & Nightlife

It's party time and there is a lot to choose from, but some parties are harder to get into. If you want insider tips on where celebrities and local socialites actually I'll be happy to take you show you around.


I LOVE New York City, I’ve gathered lots of information and went on adventures all around this beautiful island. I work in fashion, I love finding new restaurants, and I’m a total history buff so if you enjoy great food and interested in learning more about New York’s past and future we will be great friends. Each person has its own flavor and so I plan different adventures for different people whether someone enjoys art galleries and museums or nightlife and the beach there is so much to see and do. New York is so much more than just tourist attractions; I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and plan a one of a kind adventure for you!