Tourist traps are boring! I can take you on a less conventional tour around the city to places catered to your tastes. I tend to steer clear of where most tourists go and am more about crafting a memorable experience. If you're into the arts, I can also take you to some unique and fun art related activities that are not inside a museum. I will also give you the lowdown of local life. (Spoiler alert: it is pretty awesome)

Eating & Drinking

Im an anything-tarian, and if you like food I can take you to some of my favorite places to eat. Food tripping in New York is an adventure in itself! Good food can be found almost anywhere no matter what your cravings are - be it a hole in the wall, food truck or my neighbors kitchen.

Fun & Nightlife

I hope you like fun cuz I do! Whether you like to go bicycling, hiking, surfing or bar hopping and dancing, I can help you navigate a range of fun stuff to do in NY. I can also take you for a mermaiding experience! (check out for more about mermaiding!)