You can pay money to do the beaten path, or you can roll with me, and I can show you the better parts of NYC. Your Instagram will love me, guaranteed.

Eating & Drinking

With all the diners, restaurants, and pubs in the city, the options are too many to count. What most people do is google where the best restaurants are-- trust me you're only going to make your decision harder. Ask me what you like to eat, and let my taste speak for itself.

Italian is my favorite!

Shopping & Souvenirs

Nothing like taking a trip down to Chelsea to get a new outfit. Or hitting H&M.

I don't do crazy expensive clothes or high-fashion. Streetwear is my lane and I stick to it. Still, if you need some advice on a dope fit I can hook you up.

Fun & Nightlife

This is my favorite.

I spend a lot of time in the Lower East Side. I've got a select number of bars I like to hop to and from, and there are plenty of dope places to go if you're really itching to dance.

I love dancing!


It's very hard to be genuinely interesting, though I like to think that me and my friends tend to make things interesting here in NYC.

I mean, like Jay said, there's 9 Million stories to tell and I've got at least a couple thousand of them myself.