Walking on my side around Lisbon could be quite funny and relax, I love to show hidden and quiet places far away from the touristic BOOM that you can reach easy with the 'yellow umbrella guys' or Tuk Tuk drivers whatever !
I'm working almost every day as a guide on a Startup company and I would be happy to show you the city, talk about the history but also the events on going and more :) !

Eating & Drinking

Going up and down, sorry but it makes me hungry and above all thirsty, Any ideas about how awesome and cheap the Portuguese food is ? Follow me ! I might show you the little 'tascas' and cheap bars around Lisbon for a break !

Shopping & Souvenirs

I'm not really a shopping person, but I do tolerate the shoppers lovers ! I could recommend you easily where to go if you have that shopping impulsion !

Fun & Nightlife

Should I comment that ? Hihi, as a 25 years boy, I might be all the time in the streets, I know where to party, depends the budget of the person, I'm kind of a money savers so I know the tricks about bars and discos. Usually I'm a park-beach person, always with my picnic towels and laying down on a quiet place !


I'm not good about modesty, but try me :)