How it works

1. Sign up as a friend

If you want to sign up as a friend on our platform, all you need to do is add an email address, choose your username and password and click JOIN.

2. Complete your profile

In order to get booked as a local friend, you need to add all the information required. Personalize your profile as much as possible if you want it to stand out and make it easier for travelers to decide if you’re a good match for them. Add interests, passions and activities you usually enjoy. Add the price for each experience or extra service you can offer as well.

3. Get booked

Connect with travelers and confirm your availability. You will be able to manage your schedule and prices via the website. You can also contact the travelers via the BookaFriend chat in order to discuss details or any changes that might occur. Discuss and decide together the meeting time and place.

4. Be a friend!

Meet your new friend and make sure you offer an experience just like the one you promised. Your reputation depends on ratings and reviews, so the higher and better they are, the more people will want to book you as their friend and the more money you will make.

5. Cash out

You can withdraw the money using the cash out method of your choice once the trip has finished, but only after the traveler confirms that the experience you offered was as promised. BookaFriend will charge a standard fee of 15% of the total amount.

In the unfortunate case when you cannot complete your trip, make sure you contact the traveler at least 48 hours before. For more information about this, please check our FAQ section.

1. Sign up

All you have to do is add an email address, choose a username and a password and click JOIN.

2. Complete your profile

Add basic info about yourself, the payment method you want to use and also a short bio that will help your future friends realize if they’re a good match for you.

3. Start looking for friends

Once you’ve decided your destination and the duration of your stay, you can start looking for local friends who are available during that period. Filter your search by entering the name of the city and then start checking out profiles to find the best match for you.

4. Book a friend or more

Once you’ve found a person who shares common interests and passions, offers interesting activities or useful services and has a price that suits your budget, book your friend…or friends! Discuss and decide together the meeting time and place.

5. Rate and review your friends

Your local friends will receive their money only after you confirm that your experience was exactly as promised. Then you have to rate your experience using our 5-star rating system. You don’t have to leave a review as well, but doing so would be extremely helpful, so we sincerely hope that you will!

In the unfortunate case when your friend didn’t show up to your meeting or the experience was completely different than promised, you will get a full refund. For more information about this, please visit our FAQ page.