Do You Want The Real Deal When Traveling? So Do We!

We live in a world where everybody’s constantly on the go and where it’s harder than ever to make real-life connections, without it being weird or awkward. This is what BookaFriend is trying to change. Our mission is to make travel personal again by connecting travelers with the friendliest locals in each city.

We want to help people get the memorable, unique travel experiences they are looking for, while offering locals a new way to make extra money and meet new people.

With BookaFriend you will feel more like a local than a tourist. Wanting the real deal is not too much to ask for, even if you’re there only for a couple of days. You just need to find the a local friend who will make you feel like you belong!

Get off the beaten path and under the skin of the city. BookaFriend is the ticket you need for immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, without having to figure out how to have them all on your own.

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